About Matthew Irvin, PhD

My name is Matthew Irvin, Jr. I have a PhD. in Sociology and have just successfully completed one phase of my career as an Associate Professor of Sociology.  I’ve worked with students, colleagues, and folks in the community ( both inside and outside of a university), as well as my friends in the music business.  What I find compelling from my experiences is this:

I find that successful people are happy. They have a broad vision for their lives. They set goals that move them forward. They take these goals and turn them into action plans. They also have a solid support network.

Sometimes, though, folks become unclear. They have their vision locked inside of them- their dreams, goals, aspirations- and, as life happens to us all, the vision can become blurred.  After all, as a Sociologist, I study how we humans process information in groups, and there is plenty to distract us everyday!

Through encouraging young people and those in the middle of their lives, I find that, rather than telling people what they need to do, the answer is in helping them rediscover their own visions- to help people to help themselves to unlock these visions, and then to help them help themselves to take action! This is what life coaching is all about, and this is my passion. If you want to know more about how I can help you to communicate most effectively with that person who is the most important- your self- let’s start the conversation. Use the’ contact me’ link on my homepage.  My hope for you is that you realize your vision and your life’s potential. Have a great life!